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Air Balloon Lyrics – Vixen

Well, he was a bore and she needed more
And so she took a train
to the coast of Maine
And she dove right in
It took a while to notice
That she was gone for good
Now everyday he takes sometime to play
And he’s better man

I’m floating away in this air balloon
I thought if you came
That we could chase the moon
Imagine if you can, if you can
We’re floating away, we’re floating away

I saw an old man in Texas
He was singing songs out in the street
During the second song
He moved his mouth a little wrong
And his teeth fell out
Then he says to me:
“Don’t you hate it when that happens?”
I said, “I really wouldn’t know”
He said, “Sooner or later it falls apart
And maybe sooner than you think”


In my airballoon
We’re floating away, we’re floating away

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