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Bleed Lyrics – Vixen

Why must I be like someone else?
Why can’t I just be myself?
If I should change who would it please?
Tell me the truth is this all there is
When I die will anybody care?

Well, don’t tell me how to feel
Don’t tell me what’s not real
‘Cause I am just me
And I’m gonna let myself bleed
So, get out of my way
I’m gonna let myself fear
Let it live, ’cause this is my pain
This is my pain

You tell me that I should believe
These things just take some time
Well, I believe that you should leave
You just don’t understand
Well, it sucks to me
I don’t need your condescending sympathy


You’re never gonna get inside of my head
I never really cared about the things that you said
You’re never gonna have a place in my world
‘Cause you don’t get it
You just don’t get it, oh no.


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