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Blind Man Lyrics – Seventh Day Slumber

I here the laughter of the blind man
Growing colder each and every day
I hear the silence of the blind man
Shake the walls inside his loney cage

I’ve seen the deception of the blind man
Steal his soul and leave his body torn
So much confusion in this blind man
His only hope is to be reborn

Why can’t anyone hear me?
Have I been left for dead?
Is anybody out there?
Who can save me from my head?

The desperate howling of the blind man
Makes him bitter and leaves his mind deranged
The pain engreaved inside the blind man
Will brack his bones and leave him bound in chains

I pray for freedom for the lind man
So he won’t die inside his solitude
Yeah there is freedom for the blind man
If he listens he’ll be freed with truth

[Chorus 5X]

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