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Can’t Control Myself Lyrics – Vixen

I’ve gotta fill this space inside my head
Where the earth comes creepin’ in
So I’ll feel no need for cleansin’
Don’t wanna need you running through me again
Retrograde emotion leaves me
One step behind
I think that I
I’d do well in a paddle cell
Don’t wanna hurt myself, but

I can’t control myself with you
I can’t build a wall high enough to
Keep me from crashing into you
You come to unravel me and leave me lifeless

While idle strays enjoy the feast
I’m looking for deliverence
Is this my own hell or is it yours?
Can angels tell the difference anymore?
I’m chillin’ in this hot bed of
Paranoia and fear
I think that I’m dead if I do
And I’m dead if I don’t
I wanna kick it, but


I’m sick of needing only you

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