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Cursed Lyrics – Vivian Green

[Chorus x2:]
I’m cursed with loving you baby
It hurts cause you’ll never know it
I was put here to hopelessly love you
And you ain’t thinking of me that’s the torture I go through

It’s been a long long time now
And I’m still trying to get you out
of my head, of my heart, of my whole damn soul
This love is still lingering it’s getting old
But it ain’t dying it’s not even trying
And I can’t fight it
I just bury it at the bottom hoping you might find
You are my love where my first
And now this love is just a curse
Oh, Yeah


I don’t know why I even called
Thinking our time has come again
Cause the first time wasn’t right
No we where too young
I was too serious, you wanted to have fun
And now I look at us and see
How good it could be
If we could only get past the past
And see
That the love we had is there if we try it could last

[Chorus x2]

I’ll be always loving you
I’ll be always loving you
No mater what or where
I’ll always care

[Chorus x4]

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