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Dancepack Lyrics – Volcano Choir

How many trees to the west of here.
How many smokes left have you got.
I wanna stand but I’m talking to a cop.
There’s piss on my boots, how’d you make it stop.
Dance past looking for a crashed dance lot.
I’m alone, up on the top of the pine.

Let’s people, and makes the pine.
I be with an old lady, I’ll be ridin her lie, Oh
Smokin outside a copytail.
I won’t know when I fail.
She’s the liver of life, and no, they are not casual lost in the fog.
We got one kind of trouble, it’s a woman on a bed.

Take note, there’s still a hole in your heart. [x6]

Love in sit, and you bait to talk.
My young little soul, learning to walk.
Close that weary door like the house on the weary street.
I finally go in the blind heights.
I’m warm in the cold, that’s corn rows.
I finally go in blind heights.
That’s a cold toke, through the corn rows.

Take note, there’s still a hole in your heart. [x6]

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