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Do It (dweet We A Dweet) Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

A dweet we a dweet
And wi a dweet fi meck everybody seet
Anywhere mi go gyal a seh mi look neat
Anywhere mi go gyal a seh mi smell sweet

A dweet we a dweet
And mi no borrowed bwoy pants fi go beat
Gyal a seh mi style tougher than the concrete
What a pretty smile mi no carry rotten teeth

[Verse 1:]
Woman haffi love mi
Every gyal a seh shi waan gimmi pickiny
Which gyal a seh fi married are quickly
Gyal a seh dem love how mi jeans fit mi
True mi draw fi Caren him a curse an a seh mi face bleach out
And a play strictly
Likkle more inna the night when yo look inna mi house
Caren and kim in deh with mi
Meck mi tell you wi a do


[Verse 2:]
Me gyal a fight fa
Nuff gyal a seh a mi dem would a die fa
A last week one take on deh fight yah
Then mi go fi are sister weh nicer
Shawn Storm a the real star baller
We take bwoy gyal, him go strike like lighter
Is like Messi and Teves, and tores and Christian Renoldo
World class striker
Matsu and Kyler


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