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Don’t Know Someone Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

So all my time just gone
All these years
Yeah dem waste it
No matter if mi rob every watch inna di fucking jewelry store then
Mi cyan get back di time

Tell the window, mi feel the pain
Fuck the gyal, the gyal go breed
Then mi say mi fam-bily mi need
Cumulus cloud, the king fi reign

But you don’t know someone, ’til you know someone
Then you tell yourself
Likkle of something better than most of none
Then you get caught up

Life shoulda have a shortcut
Fi mi look inna di future
Fi see, if mi waan go
Or me nah go
You too lie
And if you lay with flea, you rise with dog, mi a warn you
Wha’ mek you never warn me
Say, mi alone cyan get di punanny?


Don’t insult mi IQ
You convince yourself, say the lie, true
Then you try tell me, a two ears that fly through
Why through everything
You never say you was a bitch, you just say you want wedding ring?
A dem ting deh mi cyan tek
If anything, you cyan say mi never love you
(I gave you…like everything)


Warning sign in front of me
From day one one mi see it, mi blind?
Me and deh, fi one year straight
Before you tek off your ex-man name


Tattoo shop never lock
You tek so long fi tek it off
You did a wait pon him fi come back
(Pay attention)
If a girl say she tek two man before she meet you, she really mean twelve man
(Don’t feel like a joke dawg)

[Hook x2]

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