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Faith Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

[Verse 1:]
Ghetto youths hold the faith
The cemetery full a nuff youths weh couldn’t wait
Everyday ready a psalms meditate
Don’t gi dem nothing fi dem celebrate
Aim fi yo gold some a penny weight
Listen to yo mother meck mi tell yo straight
Aris juice yo fi concentrate
Cause life a nuh movie, lions gate

And even when yo feeling down
Get up from off the ground
Build back a vibes nuh yow
All when wi fall wi naw bow

[Verse 2:]
My youth weh yo bad mind mi fa
A nuh me meck yo life miserable
A nuh me meck yo cyaa be me
Anywhere mi go mi comfortable
Ghetto youths just aim fi the top
Never look back
This is not a singing tone
Teacher a tall pon the track


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]


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