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Feeling Alive Lyrics – Shaggy

I’ll be loving loving [?]
[?] mister lover come again
I really really love the song
I really feel good inside
And I’m feelin ahhh

Woke up and it’s a beautiful morning
And I’m gonna do my thing
I roll on [?] kiss on em darling
Your thanks for the joy she brings
I got so much more to live for
And so much to be explored
Yeah I’m living in the moment baby
And that I can say for sure

So push you runnin on the way you wanna feelin
So would you feel the [?] on the ceiling
[?] just stop believing
Tell me what the deal is,oh yeah

I really really love the sky
I really feel good inside
And I’m feelin ahhh
I really wanna touch the sky
I’m feelin so good inside
And I’m feeling ahh
Ohh ooh ooh ooh ooh

Some people gotta go laughing to music
They don’t know and they never been poor
You never know what you got till you lose it baby
And I bet you can get no more
Girl it ain’t nobody promise tomorrow
So I’m living for today
Hey I’m sharing all my sorrows baby
So I can live a brand new day



I really really [?]
I just [?] so your positive attitude will take you far
I don’t give enough
But don’t listen [?]


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