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French Kissing Lyrics – Sarah Connor


Come on, you say you love me

I make you believe that it’s love you receive

Like a thief

I just take what I need

And when we’re going tonight

[Verse 1:]

Just an ordinary evening

I hear voices from the ceiling

And I really was believing

It was my mind playing tricks on me

Went upstairs just for receiving

Something told me you were leaving

So I looked out of my window

Just to see you there coming straight back to me


Do it, baby, do it

On the beach

Do it, baby, do it

Down the street

Do it, baby, do it

You and me

We’re gonna do what they call the French kissing

Give it, baby, give it

In the car

Take it, baby, take it

Wherever you are

Give it, baby, give it

Go too far

We’re gonna do what they call the French kissing

[Verse 2:]

All the people try to reach us

All the preachers try to teach us

They will never find the features

That make our love live eternally

You and me we live forever

Breakin’ rules but stay together

So I miss your kiss and tell you this



Romeo, lover, got up and kissed her

His Juliet girlfriend started to whisper:

“According to Ceasar and to Cleopatra

I say the top of the pop is French kissing

Live Eve and Adam, seduction led ’em

And when they went to get down

They found their way to heaven

Do you want me to stop? (no)

We’re gonna do the French kissing



You just wanna feel

Dup dup part


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