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Give Me Away Lyrics – Vixen

I said it myself
That you wouldn’t be there
Guess I get what I deserve
But you came back again
And threw me a new curve
Yeah, you made me eat my words
And now that you’re here
I hope you’re here to stay
‘Cause I’d always hoped
That you’d give me away

Give me away, someday
Give me away, someday
This time don’t go and don’t take
Please stay, and give me away

I met a man I love
And I think he loves me
Now I know what I deserve
You gave me your eyes
But you don’t see what I see
Why don’t you know what I’ve learned?
And how do you explain
The months come and go like rain
You had to have known
I’d be a bride when I’d grown


Were you thinking of me
When you were supposed to be
Just the thought of you without me
Well, it makes me wanna screem


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