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I Wanna Touch U There Lyrics – Sarah Connor

[verse 1]

Oh baby when the night

Falls on you and I

I wanna be with you and share each breath you’re breathing

And I want your heart

Want it pressed so close to mine

I wanna lose myself forever in this feeling


I can’t wait to feel that heaven in your arms

So tell me how to get, get to your heart


I wanna touch you there

I wanna touch your heart

I wanna make you love me

I wanna be the one to touch you everywhere

So deep inside your soul

I wanna make you feel a love

So real so deep so true

Your heart your soul and everywhere

I wanna touch you there, I wanna kiss you there

I wanna touch you there

[verse 2]

Oh baby want your eyes

Want them looking into mine

I wanna see the things that they will be revealing

and I want your lips

Wanna hear them say my name at night

I wanna be in each exiting dream you’re dreaming


I can’t wait to taste your kisses in the dark

And I can’t wait to get, get in your heart


Wanna hold you in my arms tonight

Lie beside you while you sleep

Fill your world with love so strong

A love that goes so deep

I wanna touch you

In your heart

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