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If Not For You Lyrics – Shakey Graves

well, which one is your world
if for little old you
and you see that sun as an obvious group
yeah he comes around noon after the moon goes down
yeah to just have a little fun
until the day is done

well I saw why
who do you even try
oh if for an alibi
if you come around I hope you stay the whole damn night
and bring some friends and bring some foes and come along and tell some jokes
and if you’re anything like me oh baby just you wait and see
mmm never seems like a good idea

well if all
well if all the lights said stop
and the oceans they did drop
and I’d always feel so on top if not for you
oh but oh how time went by
and the oceans they did rise
and I always felt so hypnotized and not by you
and not by you [x6]

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