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I’m Gonna Find You (osla Suite) Lyrics – Sarah Connor

[Verse 1:]

Lonely days I tried to find you

Didn’t know how lost I was

So many years I was so blind too

Confusing neediness for love


I believe in magic

But that’s not what I need

Looking for the meaning of reality


I know

I’m gonna find you

The day I come you’ll open up that door

I know

I’m gonna break through

As easy as just walking in

A halfway open door

I’m gonna find you

[Verse 2:]

Maybe we’ve met in places

Or maybe that was just a dream

Inner eyes reveal what you fail to see

’til later babe

Or are they future memories?




I know my heart is too young

To sing the same old song

But I long for you…

Someone have never known, baby

What would a wise heart say

To make the crazy sane

Or will you recognize

My image in my eyes?


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