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It Might Be Today Lyrics – Seven Places

The sun set on a perfect day

But then it rose only to say

“it’s wrong, there’s something wrong”

They woke up to a burning sound

Cars piled up and planes came crashing down

And from the church there rings no song

All the people who went there are gone

They’re all gone, the world looks up as if to say

“you’d better get yourself back

Down here right away”

In the twinkling of an eye, we will say goodbye

It might be today when all we know

Is going to change, because we’re going up

And we’re not coming down

And we won’t have to do what they say

It might be today, they told us

Not to hold out breath

“look at the facts, your God’s not coming back”

He’s coming back, what goes up must come down

But not this time around, when we hear that

Sound, we’re not coming down, it might be today

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