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Just Another Nightmare Lyrics – Shadows Fall

The echoes creep into your dreams. Torn awake from your sleep.
Unholy nightmare of savagery.
THIS CAN NOT BE! The warmth soaks into your fingers and soaths away the pain.
Frantically replays the days.
The tattered clothes still drape your fame. Crimson cloaked memories.
Blood soaked destiny.
This can not be the way it seems. Incapable of these things. Lost of hold of demons inside of me.
(The damage is done) The desolation that’s inside of us.
The violence lurks beneath the skin. (Beneath the skin)
Do not be fooled by the quiet. (What I’ve become) The silent killer dwells within.
The conclusion comes crashing in.
This is happening once again. Can it be that I am capably murderous.

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