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Lay It Down Lyrics – Seven Places

Tommy’s haunted by the pressure to become

The first family member to wear a cap and gown

Time it ticks and the sweat it drips down

He’s longing for that tassel dangling from his golden crown


Lay it down, let it go right now

Misery loves company with those who cannot set it down

Throw your cares on Him, He’ll show you how

Now’s not the time to be missing out

She dreams of white picket fences has thoughts of marrying him

She believes is her existence, somebody should tell him

And now you’ll find her on her knees

As Jesus takes her lonely heart and holds it tenderly


Life’s melodies can be accompanied by doubt

They start happy then comes the minor key

That brings us down

But in times of endless tragedy

He’s been known to compose His best symphonies.

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