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Live The Life Lyrics – Sapp, Marvin

Every night before I go to sleep

On bended knees these are the words I speak

Keep me Lord so I won’t go astray

It’s my desire to live for You each day

Lord I try…


I try to live the best I can

In all my ways acknowledge Him

Keep the truth and always pray

Live the life (I sing about)

I haven’t done all I can say and do

But I’m trying my best the closer I get to you

Touch me Lord for Your word is life to me

I surrender my all to You completely

Oh I try…


Everyday I life my life according to your word

To be a light so someone lost

Can always find their way

Keep my mind, my heart, my thoughts

Always on heavenly things

Trusting you in every way in all I say and do

I try to live [x4]

[Chorus: repeat out]

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