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Looking Glass Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

Richard Bailey
Tell dem bwoy deh seh no hail mi
Bay mischief dem a hustle
An deff ears gi lire trouble

Don’t buy out people business
Left out people business
Low out people business

[Verse 1:]
Dalton tell dem yo too fast
Yo too fast
New name fi dem call dem looking glass
Lock yo eye anytime mi a pass
Put a bridle pow yo mouth like a horse
A our world an a mi a world boss
Badadon take a bwoy gyal him no wear mask
Yuh go look an get yo eye cays
A no every likkle thing wa yo si yuh must talk

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Granspen tell dem
Yo too nuff
Yo too nuff
Yo mouth haffi padlock it haffi hand cuff
Pon di henz yo swear seh him tough
But di bwoy a waan cruff
Dem know every body business
From who no have nothing an who have too much
How yuh a watch out yo sister so much
Mine wa yo thinking better if yuh clutch
Ahh ooh

[Chorus x2]

Ira tell dem
Yo too tame
Yo too tame
Why yo waan know weh di man get di chain
Yuh go tell every body a tev lane
Seh di man gone do cash fi gold in a spine
Yuh fi go hide like Saddom Hussaine
Caw mi no know wa really get in a yo brain
Yo mouth just a fly like parrot an kite
An helicopter an rocket an plane

[Chorus x4]

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