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Love To Hate Lyrics – Seven Wiser

And if you ever told me that it would ever be

As hard as this

I think I would have said to go to hell and

Take it all with you

Now that I am here

I don’t really care about anything that you

Play on me

So take all your guilt and play with someone else’s mind

I cannot tolerate you

I love to hate you

And I love the way you hate me

So take yourself and go

I cannot take it,I cannot take it

I cannot tolerate you

Man,if I ever see this place again

I really wouldn’t care

I should’ve said to go to hell and take it all with you

Now that I am here

Sometimes I feel like just giving it all up

I have no idea what’s been holding me up

So far from all of the things

I always wanted the most

I hope you choke now sucker

I’m the top of the show

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