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Man Of My Dreams Lyrics – Sarah Connor

[Verse 1:]

I remember the first day I met you

All I thought was dawn how can I get you

You below my mind in a very special way

Impossible for me to get away

Since that day you’re creeping in my mind

Silky velvet ocean of green eyes

I’m dreaming of the day we meet again

But this time I won’t let you slip away


Man of my dreams

Come in my life and fill my nights

With emotions and bliss

I wanna get to know your everything

Man of my dreams

There ain’t no extreme there is no price

You don’t have to compromise

I know you are my size

[Verse 2:]

Yesterday you took me by surprise

When you called just to see if I’m alright

My heart was jumping suffered an attack

Impossible for me to catch my breath

Here I am the feeling is so right it’s mutual and strong

‘Cause tonight is the night

Just let it flow the way it wants to go no need to hesitate our star shines bright

[Chorus 3x]

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