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Miracle Lyrics – Seventh Day Slumber

Here it comes, I see the rain again
All around me, dark clouds are forming
Oh, my God I feel the pain again
This is a storm too strong to bear

A rail of white dust and a demon’s lie
Load the shotgun as the tears fall from my eyes
My mind is racing as my dreams shoot through my veins
I need a savior who can help me through the pain

Oh, oh, oh, oh

My heart starts pumping and my left are feels this pain
I hit my knees I know I’ve lost this losing game
I scream to Jesus can you make me whole again
My heart stops pumping, then the warm touch of a friend

Oh, oh, oh, oh

I was blind but now I see the light
The life I’ve lived oh, Lord I know it wasn’t right
I feel my heart start slowly pumping up again
I’m a miracle

Oh, oh, oh, oh

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