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Momma’s Night Out Lyrics – Sara Evans

Well’ you never buy me flowers

Hey, did you hear what I said

I’ll be dancing barefoot while you put the kids to bed

Take a good look darlin

At the smile on my face

It’s been a long hard week and I’m ready to play

Now take a big whiff honey

Of my sweet perfume

Well, it’s the only thing left of me left in this room


Cause’ I’m alright now

Got a little money

And the gas taks full

Yeah, I’m alright now

Me and the girls in the Coupe DeVille

Yeah, I’m alright

Daddy’s doin dishes

Cause it’s momma’a night out

Well you can be a couch potatoe

Drink your beer and eat some chips

While I put a little Wet-N-Wild on my lips

So take a picture of me honey

Cause I look so fine

You got yours and I got mine
[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat chorus]

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