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Mother Nature Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

[Verse 1:]
Careful how you treat are
Yo cyaa just a use, and Aboue, an a beat are
Mi know yo si yo own mother when yo look in are eyes
Wa yo meck shi feel the pain fa
Yo know the joy when a new baby cry
From yo dis black woman
Bwoy no bother try
Tell mi that yo sorry from yo dis the woman

[Chorus 1:]
Shi a mi baby mother
Shi a mi mother, mi grandmother
She’s everything
She’s ma daughter, ma likkle sister
Shi no fi get dis sah, she’s everything
She’s ma teacher, shi a the lawyer
The gogo dancer, she’s everything
The mansion owner, she is the helper
The nurse and doctor
She’s everything

[Verse 2:]
Mi love mi mother and mi respect every lady
A dem bring mi pon the earth from mi a baby
Mi naw go dis dem, mi hug up an mi kiss dem
A mother nature is the earth
Ni if and a no maybe
So treat the woman wid love an a no evil
Cause if yo violate life don’t evil

[Chorus 2:]
Shi a the nation builder
The soul provider
The prime minister
She’s everything
Gold medal winner
She is the pastor
And shi a sinner
She’s everything
The bus conductor
The dance instructor
Phone operator
She’s everything
The bank manager
The bus passenger
Police officer
She’s everything

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 2]

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