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Move Lyrics – Shakin’ Stevens

We’re gonna move on out to a hot spot on the hill
Gonna keep on rockin” till my baby gets her thrill
I wanna prove that I can move

Well, I’m itchin’ all over, just to get out on that floor
When I move a little closer, mm you’ll yell for more
I wanna prove that I can move

Oh, let it roll

Well, my heart beats faster when I get my girl in sight
She gets all lit up and shines out in the night
That’s where you prove that you can move

Well,tthere’s people all over who came here just to rock
They gonna keep on movin’ till they rock around the clock
They wanna prove, yeah, that they can move

Oh, move it now, move it

Well, I met a pretty girl who fits me to a T
We got ’em all rocked out and mm it’s plain to see
We re sure to prove that we can move

Well, letoo groove, let’s groove
Ooh, let’s move, well, let’s move
We’re sure to prove that we can move

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