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My Heaven My Hell Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

Your my heaven my hell
We hold on forever we will

My love for you cyaa end
It goes on with time
Girl and it’s all the time

[Verse 1:]
Wi start off pon a warm night
In a no time everything nice
Feelings deep like bauxite
SHe’s in jeans nice backside
Mi lost my heart pon a mountain
You a wa you do suh meck you find it
Mi mother inlaw name Valery
This a wa mi haffi tell you daughter


[Verse 2:]
Mi waan feel you
Remember mi tell you seh mi need you
A nuh condom wi have long love
You seh a me alone you a slam down
Mi born pon the dice
Suh mi know life is a gamble
Mi never stop gamble till mi win you
And if you dis mi God a go sin you
And if mi dis you God a go sin mi

[Chorus x2]

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