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Put Your Eyez On Me Lyrics – Sarah Connor

[verse 1]

Just two years ago there didn’t nobody know

‘Bout a crazy girl suddenly part of the show

She’s singing and she’s trying to bring

A little music to your heart, oh yeah

A crazy game but who is to blame

Unfortunately always the same

‘Cause when you’re famous

Every word you say and every move you make

Is judged by everyone


Put your eyes on me

Can I get a witness I’m no perfect girl

Put your eyes on me

All I wanna do is play my music to the world

Put your eyes on me

Giving just a hundred percent from me to you

Put your eyes on me

What you get is credibility baby

So come into the groove

[verse 2]

So now I’m telling you about there ain’t no doubt

Not all I do is very cute from me

I’m often talking much too much

Get with people in touch

Who never see the me in me, oh no

I stand accused, there ain’t no use

For me in getting out of my shoes

I say I’m guilty

But who is able to cast the first stone

They all had done the same



It doesn’t matter what you do

As long as you stay pure and true

You’ll never comfort everyone

No risk and there’s no fun

It doesn’t matter who you are

As long as you know you’re the star

There’s no one else to play your part

Just keep that in your heart

Put your eyes on me

[last chorus (additional choir)]

Tell it to the world

So it can always be heard

I’m not a perfect girl

All I wanna do

Is play my music to you

Just play it to the world

Just a hundred percent

Coming from me to you

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