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Stepping Outside The Circle Lyrics – Shadows Fall

Here I go again
A vicious cycle without end
Seeking distance for security
A desperate act to remain free

A balance point cannot be found
This whole thing will come crashing down
Down! Down!
My fear will drag you down
Into this world that i create
Your love for me has sealed your fate

Down! Down!
My fear will drag you down
Can I trust in what i feel?
Praying that this time it’s real

Feel the strain!
All this times been spent in vain, MY SHAME!
open wounds that still remain, DECAY!
As my faith is stripped away, YOU’LL STRAY!
The final price I have to pay

Digging in deeper still
The hollowness I yearn to fill
The story always ends the same
The cycle soon begins again

Stepping outside the circle!

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