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Sweet Victory Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

Jah jah guide me from di hyproctires an parasites,
An guide mi from de enemies wah wan fi tek me life (mi nar go dead)
Ye though I wallk through the valley of death tonight (aahh wooo)
Thou art with mi, so everything alright.

Please jah jah guide and protect mi, we a show dem love and them hate we
But memba the hotter the battle, me a tell yuh a de sweeter de victory
De system dun forget we, society didn’t even care if we drink tea (mm-hmm)
But memba de hotter the battle, me a tell yuh a de sweeter de victory.
(Den not nice)

[Verse 1:]
Me dey pon solid ground,
Dem nar go get me down,
Jah neva let me down before him nar go fail mi now,
Whole heap a youth in ya every morn a wait fi bail ya now,
Show de ghetto youth a way dem tired fi gone a jail ya now,
Gaazaa mii seh, nuh pound a labor yo,
System build de garrison an a we dem fraid a now,
Cause dem know de youth dem wise an nar go tek nuh talk, plus we born poor but we have to mek it.


(Den pimpin)

[Verse 2:]
Me done spot out de way,
How dem warn we live,
Fi de ghetto dem nuh do nothing positive,
Dem style we as gun man say we aggressive,
Dat a dem politricks so to we, we still bun politics

Gaazaa mii seh! till dem bury mi,
Right beside de whole a de innocent youth dem inna de cemetry,
Weh babylon murder,
Espically, fi every one weh job a thousand more a we. (mi nar go dead)


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