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Testimony Lyrics – Sara Groves

So proud and excited that I by myself
had reached such a lofty place
I took the last step towards my ultimate goal
but clumsily fell on my face

I opened my eyes only to find
I was back at the place I had begun
Helpless and broken I strained and cried out
Surely the enemy has won

But I felt His peace that passes understanding
Grace that is never ending
Love that overflows my soul

As I wallowed in self-pity
He came to sit with me there
His presence alone was so rich and so deep
It chased away all my despair

I said Lord please forgive me for my prideful heart
It sneaks in before I know
He said What prideful heart, He forgave and forgot
He said How I want you to know

Now daily I humble myself at His feet
I make His desire my will
For He has taken me higher than I have ever been
And He’s taking me higher still

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