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Thank You Lord Lyrics – Shaggy

Now this one goes out to the father

For shower of good blessings

Right now I gotta give thanks

And praise most I



Thank you Lord for what you’ve done for me


To the Father I say


Thank you Lord for what you’re doing now


I go down on my knees and pray


Thank you Lord for every little thing yeah

Thank you Lord for now you made me see

Sing along, sing along


Now when I look back in the days of all the sweat and

all the dues I paid

I go down on my knees and pray

And give thanks to the Father for the blessings that he shined on me

I sing a little song of praise

Though I know that everybody ain’t as fortunate as I may be

One more time I say

Words cannot express appreciation what he’s done for me

Right now I say thank you Lord



When I look back at all the things that the Father has done for me

I give thanks to the Lord and everyday i’m on my knee

Write the song now to please

No matter the color nor the creed

It was invested in me I’m here to do a good deed hey

I try to put a smile on your face

I write a simple song so it appeals to your taste

I tried to do the things that people appreciate

Well thanks for the music that they all embrace

And I say thank you Lord



Say I’m in no competion

But I have made my decision

You can keep your opinion

I am just a calling on the wise man communion



I thank the Lord once again for the power of the pen

Yes I be making ends to feed my family and my friends

Push out my Benz check your lens

Beg you ease up off my fence

Mi afi push out my mother in the latest gems

I have to put the food upon mi table

Have to feed the little mouth them in my stable

Hail up to the Big Yard label

And me say thank you Massa God that I am able

Give thanks to the Lord



Said I want to thank you

Shaggy want to thank you now

Said the people got to thank you

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