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That The Way I Am Lyrics – Sarah Connor

[verse 1]

I know just who I be, I know just what I need

Don’t need no sympathy, I just wanna live my life

´Cause life is so beautiful in my eyes

I love the birds and bees all in the summer breeze

Or chillin’ at the beach, I love to enjoy my life

Leave your stress and troubles behind


That’s the way I am and I don’t give a damn

If you really don’t understand, cause I’m payin’ my own rent

And I never ask for sympathy

All I wanna know’s if you’re down with me

So don’t misunderstand, cause that’s just the way I am

[verse 2]

I know what’s family, I know what’s loyalty

I know just how it feels for someone to love you right

Cause life’s so beautiful in my eyes

I love expensive things, champagne and diamond rings

But life without these things

Is still a wonderful life, just be thankful you’re alive


I’m gonna live the way I live

Enjoy my life, live positive

And help someone who ask

It’s time well spend

‘Cause that’s the way that I am

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