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The Older Sister Lyrics – Shakespear’s Sister

Oh I’m the older sister
Airbrushed to buggery, so very loverly
Oh oh, no, oh oh
Well hello, I’ve come across a quote
That very nearly describes me
How can I redeem myself
I moan as I pick up the ansaphone
Just to hear your mother complaining

If I am nothing why did you cling on so
What’s the matter?
Didn’t have anywhere else to go
Like an ageing extras at an LA party
So very tarty

The sands of time shift uncomfortably
Only they can see what I can see
Oh oh, no, oh oh
But when it comes to ageing gracefully
It’s impossible for the likes of me
You’d probably murder me
If I mentioned surgery
Or anything of that nature

So moving right along
I hope you’re list’ning to my song
I hear you never got my letter
Well, this is better

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