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Think Ah So It Go Lyrics – Shaggy

Blessing again to all mi DJ friend

Have a mek dem know you understand

Hard work and dedication


You think a so it go no when a DJ work hard

Bus all him sweat fa sell a million record

While some people a relex a dem yard

Si down and a draw bad card

Well then the bag a lip service it nah help the plan

Have to try and elevate we young musicians

This is something a got to tell to everyone

So make we move as one

Wey we a do weh we try

Beg you listen to the Shags

Sit down and reminisce when me a DJ session

When promoter all a rob me and the singer Rayvon

Can’t find taxi fare fi reach a Flatbush bottom

To beat the system me have to strong

Full of determination

Make dem know so that the DJ have to hit number 1

Through the grace of the almighty

The gift to write a song

My dream turn to reality when the Grammy touch me hand bim

No mek me settle down and pause fe a secound

Sting International, Robert Livingston, Gibraltor, Paul O Rossi

And the Ruff Entry Gang

Hot cold and freezing down a Long Island


They say many are called but the chosen is few

Know why is it you want to disrespect the crew

And you don’t like fe se another DJ go through

I remember whem dem a express them negative views

And a name me as the DJ most likely to lose

When dem si down and give me bad album review

Se me a foreign DJ can’t make hit tune

When me hit number one them find a bag of excuse

Se me managment a mafia and me color get me through

Now me hit them like a puzzle mek them can’t find a clue

And through the big broad smile I and I man see through


I remember when I man all a bleach a session

I remember when I man have no dollars in mi hand

I remember when I man all a fight fi Uncle Sam

I remember when I man all a face sentance

I remember all the DJ wey a chat mike fi long

Them time the dance use to ram and gunshot done session

When the DJ dem fight over the same mike stand

Red Foxx, Screey Dan Knight Rider, James Bond, Marshall One

And Corpral Tan, Mikey Slim, and Megga Man, Sleepy Wonder,

Floydie Wonder, GT, Pac Man, Mikey Jarrett, K-C Jockey and Bubbo

General, Sami Levy, Mr.Eazy Trevour Sparks, Rayvon

Can’t forget Lloydy Stiff, Shinehead and Sluggy Rand dem de DJ a

the DJ who a de New York veteran


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