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This Sea Lyrics – Voltaire

“‘Twas the worst of times for tinkers like you and me.
So in search of fortune I took to the sea.”

“Round my neck, a key you said was to your heart.
Held it desperately as your ship left the dock.”

I can’t forget, I won’t forgive this sea
For the endless hurt it gave to me.
I want to stab, I want to kill this sea.
Took you away, took you away from me.

“Silks from Singapore, a treasure from Tripoli for you.
And from Suvla Bay, I’ve scars for souvenirs.”

“Love, your son was born. I wish you could see.
Eyes the same as yours and cries just like me.”


“Years have passed – How many, I don’t know anymore.
Lost adrift at sea, a storm comes. It’s getting cold.”

“I stand under moors searching a sea of blue
And forever more, I’ll wait here for you.”

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