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Through My Eyes Lyrics – Sex Pistols

[Johnny Rotten:]
Well I don’t know Johnny B Goode
No, do Through My Eyes
No, I know how it goes.

If you could see through my eyes,
You would get a big surprise.
Things you never seen before.
Things you haven’t seen, I’m sure.
Through-o-o, my eyes.
Through my eyeees-ahhh.

[Johnny Rotten:]
Come on!
Do it!
The fucking worse it is, the better!

Oi, the worse it is, the better
Cause it’s a load of shit anyway.
I know I use ta, I haven’t heard it years
And you couldn’t play it right…hahehe

You remember, you could, no no…could never get it right,
Cause it’s a such weird tune
You have to be fucking jumped up to do it
Just posed for the jumped.

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