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Tight Pum Pum Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

Tight pum pum, mi wi miggle deh
Clean breast, mi wi juggle an dribble deh
How it feel when mi nibble deh?
Yuh have di sensitive nipple deh
When mi roll up mi weed wid a likkle blend
Tender touch mek yuh spin like nickle deh
Tongue inna ears an a tickle deh
Come ride mi like a bicycle deh

Tek on da cocky yah
When yuh cum yuh vibrate like a Nokia
Inna pussy cocky print, like a photocopier
Yuh see it, yuh never been happier
Bowing a nuh Addi law
But mi keep my girls dem happy cah
Mi feed dem pon backas
And pinch up di batty jaw
Dat a Addi law


She high like a jet plane
She never know my foreplay affect brain
Don’t yuh love it when mi hicky di neck vein
Kartel mek love mi nuh mek pain
Let’s play di breast game
Mi mean guess game
Weh di president fi US name
Mi a guh rub yuh foot bottom while yuh stress brain
She caan explain


Mi get a girl from Don Corleone
She tell mi she feelin for me only
She love it when mi cock har up
And ride har like a pony
She seh a long time she shoulda know mi
She run money bad
Because she independent, and have a pro job
She seh she doan vex wid me
Although mi treat har so bad
She seh she prefer give me a blowjob


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