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Tonight Lyrics – Sara Evans

If I had a weakness

You sure found it tonight

Some hidden desperation

You saw floatin’ in my eyes

Moments just like these baby

Wrong can feel so right

And I don’t wanna go home tonight

I’ve held it all together

As long as I can

There’s pieces of me fallin’

Right into your hands

And don’t the lies come easy baby

When the truth just ain’t worth the fight

No I, I don’t wanna go home tonight


So lay me down easy

And hold on tight

And tell me I’m the only one you see tonight

Lonely woman, lonely man

There’s just some things only lonely understands

I might be just a sinner

Who wants to be a saint

One justifies the reason

Oh, one understands the pain

And I don’t know what’s wrong baby

And I sure don’t know what’s right

But I don’t wanna go home tonight

[Repeat Chorus]

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