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When Ghetto Yute Aguh Lyrics – Vybz Kartel

When ghetto youth a go reach
When ghetto youth a go reach

[Verse 1:]
A that man a seh to hi no
Mi no know bout yuh hi no
Mi a dig up all mi gun dem and no know wa else fi do hi no
Dem pressure ghetto people in a everything wi do hi no
Man cyaa keep no party and the fucker dem keep to hi no

Sox yo know a true hi no
Dem nah go ever si the thing from our point of view hi no
Set up all a stall just fi hustle and go through hi no
Si MPM a come yah and the bwoy dem in a blue hi no
Poor people no fi eat no food a that a manna bring to mi
Go shop fi buy a bread but the butter never in to mi
Mi theft it fi mi pickney dem
Jail no mean a thing to mi
Mi end up a Arison and a this a man a sing to mi


[Verse 2:]
Jamaica get sheg
Cause if yo buy a fowl dem tek weh the egg
If yo peal a orange dem tek weh the peg
If yo buy a sheet dem tek weh the bed
Yo si when dem si the hearse start tek weh the dead
A bet dem a go seh the ghetto youth no have no medz
Dem used dem head over the years fool we
Mi and Ompty kick off and wi no too gree
Fi pay taxi fair, water bill, school fee
A cyaa my likkle 5 grand unuh a pree

Mi tell babylon mi problem and dem seh dem disagree
Well since unuh know mi life then unuh tell me


[Verse 1]


[Verse 2]


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