My Soul Lyrics – Boosie Badazz feat. Zaytoven

I hope I end up a bum

Fuck the whole block want me laying face down in a box
Good will hunt is in my wheel house
Fuck them locks it’s no shock
Smart as Spock is in my wheel house
You can’t comprehend it’s why you cute as a mouse
Cooking in a crock pot CBD
Cali how the west was won
Call me Atilla the mun
Love a female with great glutes
Ain’t that something
No gluten I’m guessing high up in my parachute
I hope they shooting
Sex tapes stupid
Can’t keep wanting to end my life for them times I stayed spun stupid
Even tho that’s embarrasses the fuck
Out a real og I can handle adversity
Kept thinking I would just marry Mary Jane and a gun
Start a monsters University
I’m knowing I don’t have a right mind
That might mean nightmares of the
Incinerator looking at the fine print
We’re did I put my John Hancock

I print fine print get it forget it
Tatis jr balls to the high priestess
At least I Mark beasts
I turn six six sixes upside down
That’s three threes multiple I’m gifted
Foldable lawn chairs watching end of watch