Real N****s Lyrics – Boosie Badazz feat. Zaytoven

Oh my word sometimes I feel as tho i might run outta words
Then I bunk on beats that Zaytoven
Lay on my back blow tree get brain
Let these hoes ride the dick I’m not playing
About my gang la familiar
Blah blah unfamiliar
They fucking trying to get me my brain only wants me wet to death
I decay alittle you behave I misbehave in my grave
Grace from God when I speak ungodly
Hey God I’m ready to serve the devil on a platter

What they say don’t matter what you instill in me does
I’m die just for thrill you tiny as krill
I’m a hundred foot whale In this Galaxy
Not to mention I fill the spaces between universes
My magnetic field leave em blowing bubbles
Bitches used to call my stupid ass bubbles
Now they pop the pussy for me and you can see it through the Hubble